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November 6, 2012, Halo 4. Midnight release♥. I better start stocking up on hot cheetos for this night.

When I think of Halo...

Words can't even describe it, I'll give it my best shot though. The beauty, the music, where to start? I can honestly say I love everything about it.
Listen to this while reading: just go to my tumblr, it's playing on there automatically)
I often imagine myself flying in a ship through a portal as I land on one of these beautiful worlds. With enormous planets and moons zoomed into the sky. While angelic voices from the soundtrack play. I get off the ship along with all of you others, with my DMR ready to go. We can choose to split up(all though not safe) or we can choose to go in a group five or less. We all split into groups. I being myself go by myself. I'm a female but I can handle it. I walk off, headed up this giant hill that leads me to a forest. Streams flowing, huge trees, insects that are beautifully unknown to me. I make it to the outskirts to a section of this forest. I'm on a very high cliff. Below me is a crystal clear lake with beautiful hills surrounding. As I look up... the sky gently takes my breath(in a good way). The sun is setting off in the distance. Some of the sky is already dark, with millions of stars shining; some being very bright. With few planets and moons hanging low in the sky, I lie down on the thick green grass and rest my head upon a few rocks and just stare at the beautiful surroundings. This moment right here is almost like a spiritual moment. I feel at total peace, not a worry in the world.
An hour or so passes by and I get a call through my headset. There's a few hundred grunts and 50 sum elites about four miles away. My fellow men and women can't take them on alone... duty calls
: )